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While trying to figure out the secrets of growing a blog site, Rebbeca Price became inspired Influence Marketing by Danny Brown and Firoella. Rebecca Price has provided a lot of details on how to align with influencers to grow your blog or site. 
Instead of starting off from scratch with no blog readers, traffic or any sign of engagement, you put a strategy in place to connect with influencers and get them to promote and share your content to their already established audience.
This post will show you how to expand your reach, increase your audience, get more social shares, become an industry influencer and attract more traffic to your blog.

Finding industry influencers

If you have been operating within your niche/industry for a while, then you will probably have a good idea who the key influencers are and, while they should certainly be on your list of targets, don’t forget the ‘new rising stars’.
These people can potentially carry a lot of weight and your list should never be limited to just a few influencers. This works best at scale.
You will need to put together a list of your target influencers and there are some key pieces of information about them that you should keep track of:

  • Their name

  • Their contact information

  • Their location (potentially a good conversation starter!)

  • Links to their social profiles

  • Links to their blog and any other sites they own
  • What topics they like to blog about
  • What topics they like to share

You could use a CRM or, alternatively, an OpenOffice or Microsoft Excel spreadsheet will also do the trick.

A few things to remember

This entire strategy hinges on building a positive relationship with influencers and, if you go about things in the wrong way, then you could just end up wasting your time.
And your time is valuable. Don’t waste it.
Credit: Rebecca Price, Davpack

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