{Recap} SoFlo Brunch x SXSW Meet-Up

With plans to take the SoFlo Brunch Series on the road, Austin was the first stop! 

This was a meet-up to introduce the brunch and the creative platform to SXSW- goers. I was excited for Jason Francis, the Social Media Samurai to join the event as a co-speaker and share his experience as a blogger and online influencer in tech, travel, and social media! 

Just a few things we went over:
  • How Influence is seen as the new currency online.
  • Benefits of being authentic online
  • Setting online brand goals to become an authoritative voice/influencer
  • Knowing your audience
  • Engaging and networking your ass off on and offline
  • The art of participating in Tweet Chats and other online events
  • Return-On-Influence
  • And the path to Brand Advocacy
In addition to the presentation, I was able to connect with movers that is making noise in the digital, mobile, and philanthropic world.

Thank you to special guest speaker, Jason Francis aka the Social Media Samurai for his insight. Jason is knowledgable in social media, blogging, and the art of influence. Check him out: @trueomeganexus

Check out the pictures under the previous events tab.

Thank you!!

Jason Francis, SXSW, Driskell Hotel, and the attendees that joined us for the meet-up.

After this week, I'm thinking of the next stop for the SoFlo Brunch Series. If you are interested in collaborating in South Florida or another city, contact: donnet@nuglomarketing.com.


SoFlo Brunch Meets SXSW!!!

I'm so excited to host a SoFlo Brunch Series is hosting a Meet-Up at SXSW! This is my first year participating and going to SXSW this year. I look forward to be in the middle of the massive connecting, music, film, and digital interactions. I heard it gets crazy busy, but so worth it.

I’ll open the discussion on how Influence has become the new currency in recent years. Co-speaker Jason Francis, will be sharing his experience and advice on influence in the digital age!

If you plan to be at SXSW be sure to stop by the SoFlo Brunch Series for a presentation on Influence, breakfast bites, and great networking!

Join us:

March 11th, 2014

Citadel Club Room
604 Brazos St

Don’t forget to join the conversation & experience:


You can add the meet-up to your schedule here:

Let me know, if you have any questions!



{event recap} SoFloBrunch Series At The Federal Miami

I just want to thank the attendees for joining the SoFlo Brunch Series at The Federal Food, Drink, and Provisions in Miami!

The special guest, John Saunders is not only passionate about Content Marketing, but we found out he is a funky sock connoisseur. John provided tips on how to create valuable messages, automate content, direct traffic flow, and become the Director of your own content.

Great digital marketing advice and suggestions flowed steadily and even inspired me to place some suggestions into motion. A Bruncher got an idea and even set up a blog site after we discussed how to make our contents/sites effective. Talk about real-time digital business moves!

For more information about John Saunders' presentation on Content Marketing Strategies, visit: bit.ly/contentmarketing2014. You can also see more photos on our previous events page.

Also I want to thank the Federal Food, Drink, and Provisions for hosting us! If you’re ever in the area, check out their unique and delicious menus.

I’m always happy to meet new people, talk business and more - all over a new restaurant or unique brunch menu. 

What’s next? I’ll be hosting a SoFlo Brunch Meetup at SXSW!!!! If you will be in Austin, TX the area please stop by: http://goo.gl/OwymnL.

Stay tuned for upcoming online events and I hope to see you in a few months at the next brunch event! 



{Tweet Recap} Time Management In A Digital Age

The Tweet Brunch this past Saturday was awesome! There were lots of great advice and confessions from everyone. Thank you to those who logged on South Florida and beyond. I noticed that managing time in a world of constant digital distractions can be challenging daily. Although its challenging, it is doable to unplug and tackle the tasks at hand.

Take a look at how a few entrepreneurs manage their time, while sometimes tempted by digital media.

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Let's Brunch!!!

It’s about that time again, Brunchers!

We are hosting another brunch in Miami, Florida. 

This time we will be discussing all you need to know about Content Marketing! Whether your a blogger, start-up, or experienced entrepreneur - content marketing is vital to growing your brand online.

Our special guest, John D. Saunders of JohnSocial.com will show us how to "Create an Effective Content Marketing Strategy." 

One lucky person will also win a special prize!

We will meet at Federal Food Drinks & Provision located at 5132 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, 33137.

So...what's on the menu? Brunchers will enjoy:
  • Federal Mini Biskits
  • Chicken & Waffles
  • Crawfish & Grits
  • Or Cookies & Cream French Toast
  • And 1 Mimosa

Seats are limited so make sure you RSVP & purchase your brunch ticket before you arrive on March 1st! 

Ticket cost: $38

If you have any questions, email soflobrunchseries@gmail.com

I look forward to meeting new faces and reconnecting with the SoFlo Brunchers!!!


About John D. Saunders

John D Saunders is a Digital Marketer with proficient skills in social media marketing, search engine optimization, Wordpress web development and analytics.  John finds motivation in his passion for emerging technology, artistic creativity and the influence of the startup community.


Find The Right Influencers To Grow Your Blog!

While trying to figure out the secrets of growing a blog site, Rebbeca Price became inspired Influence Marketing by Danny Brown and Firoella. Rebecca Price has provided a lot of details on how to align with influencers to grow your blog or site. 
Instead of starting off from scratch with no blog readers, traffic or any sign of engagement, you put a strategy in place to connect with influencers and get them to promote and share your content to their already established audience.
This post will show you how to expand your reach, increase your audience, get more social shares, become an industry influencer and attract more traffic to your blog.

Finding industry influencers

If you have been operating within your niche/industry for a while, then you will probably have a good idea who the key influencers are and, while they should certainly be on your list of targets, don’t forget the ‘new rising stars’.
These people can potentially carry a lot of weight and your list should never be limited to just a few influencers. This works best at scale.
You will need to put together a list of your target influencers and there are some key pieces of information about them that you should keep track of:


Join us for another chat!

We're having our 2nd Tweet Brunch and you're invited!

This year has flown by already! So we will be discussing time management challenges, solutions, and getting the most out of unplugging.

This SoFlo Tweet Brunch will give all the brunchers (near and far) a chance to catch up with each other as well as meet new like-minded professionals in other cities. Check out our post on how to participate in a Twitter Brunch so you can get the best out of the virtual brunch.And in case you missed our 1st Tweet Brunch you can checkout the recap here.

So grab tech devices on Saturday February 22nd at 11am EST, and meet us over at #soflobrunch!

SAVE THE DATE: There will be a SoFlo Brunch event in March!