How to Tweet Brunch

Sunday, December 15, 2013 at noon is our very 1st Tweet Brunch! We want you to be prepared so that you can get the most out of it. So here are some tips on how to participate.

1. A mimosa or something to sip on. A latte, cold-pressed juice, tea, whatever will do.

2. The SoFlo Tweet Brunch will take place on Twitter. So you must have a Twitter account.

3. You'll need a digital device with Internet access. A laptop or computer works best for typing purposes. But you can use your tablet or smart phone. But you're good as long as you follow #soflobrunch on Twitter.

4. Notetaking. You'll want to keep note of key points and tips. You can either favorite tweets, copy an paste in a doc or old fashion note taking. Or simply enjoy the Tweet Brunch experience. Whatever you decide we want you to stay inspired and motivated after the Tweet Brunch is over. But don'r worry, we'll have a recap on the blog so you won't miss anything.

1. Before the Tweet Brunch starts you need to log into your Twitter account and a browser/APP. Most people use HootSuite or TweetDeck. We recommend Twubs. No signup or installing. You simply login with your Twitter account and type in the hashtag #soflobrunch. The conversation will appear in a live stream.

2. The Tweet Brunch will be one hour.

3. When the Tweet Brunch begins take a moment to say hi and introduce yourself. Say what you're excited to learn, tweet where you're from, what you do, your URL(s), etc. etc.

4. SoFo Brunch will ask questions. They will begin with the letter Q and a number. Ex. Q1:, Q:2, Q3:, etc.

5. If you'd like to answer directly to an @soflobrunch question you respond with an A and the corresponding question number. Ex. A1:, A2, A3:, etc. No need to include @soflobrunch in your tweet unless you want to directly tweet us.

For example:
@soflobrunch: Q1: What do you enjoy most about your business? #soflobrunch
@twitterperson: A1: I enjoy helping others with my business! #soflobrunch

6. Don't forget to include the hashtag #soflobrunch at the end of every tweet. Twubs will automatically include the hashtag for you. If you do not include the #soflobrunch hashtag your tweet will not be included in the conversation feed.

7. Don't read every tweet! You'll go cross-eyed. You'll notice the most active participants in the live feed. We recommend opening a few separate Twitter windows. One for @soflobrunch, one for Donnet Bruce @donnetB, and one for your Twitter interactions. You can toggle between them to be sure you don't miss info from us, tweet from Donnet Bruce and tweets directly to you. Or you can just sit back, sip your mimosa and watch it all go down.

8. You don't just have to answer SoFlo Brunch. Join the conversation by asking us questions too and engaging with others. Tell someone that was a great tip or answer their question. The purpose of the Tweet Brunch is that we all learn form each other.

1. Start following all of your new Twitter friends on their social media accounts.

2. Check back on the SoFlo Brunch blog for a recap of the Tweet Brunch!

-   -   -

We hope you found this blog post helpful. Please let us know if you have any questions about Tweet Brunch .

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  1. @donnetB - this concept is brilliant! I've begun planning a brunch series in Atlanta and will continue to follow your success with @SoFloBrunch, cheers!