Tweet Brunch Recap: Fearless Bound 2014, Design Your Best Year

The SoFlo Brunch Series kicked off the first Tweet Brunch on Twitter!! I wish I had an extra hour to continue the conversations, but there will be more chats in the future.

I was excited to see participants log on from places such as: Miami, Atlanta, Broward, Brooklyn, New York City, Dubai, Canada, and Haiti.

I was inspired to host a Tweet Chat to open dialogue surrounding goals, accomplishments, inspirations, and the pesky thread of "fear" that may have crept in our professional lives this year. From entrepreneur.com to inc.com, I've noticed more and more articles regarding overcoming fear during the process of reaching big dreams. So I want to find how the SoFlo Brunch community handled fear and failure this year; as well as give tips on conquering goals no matter the challenges.

Thank you to everyone that attended our 1st Tweet Brunch on Sunday! Here is a recap if you missed it. And be sure to grab the free SoFlo downloadable printables to keep you on track for 2014!

-- Donnet B.
SoFlo Brunch Curator

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Q1a: Did you achieve your 2013 goals?

Q1b: Why or why not?

Q1c: What held you back?

@ArielleQ4:  (1a) Some of them. Including network and get out there more, so thanks for helping with that one =)

@Fab_Twiggy: (1b) I reached my main goal, which was to rebrand my business. I also surpassed my goal of planning atleast 15 events

@urdirtylaundry: (1c) A lot of times I'm afraid of myself o_o

@DonnetB: I reached a few. A major goal was to finally start a brunch club to connect many people I know.

SoFlo: Make a list of the goals that you did achieve in 2013. (This will make you feel great!)

SoFlo: Don't be shy about your 2013 accomplishments. PRAISE THEM!

SoFlo: Post your accomplishment  list where you can see it!

SoFlo: Our dreams & desires define us. Let your dreams lead your professional & personal choices in 2014.

SoFlo: Visualize. "At the end of 2014 my life will look like..."

Q2: Was your 2013 goals influenced by your own desires OR the achievements of others?

SoFlo: Determine what you really value in life & don't be afraid of your dream.

@Fab_Twiggy: Both! Cant complain about what you are attracting when your biz doesn't look attractive. Used others as inspiration

@DonnetB: True. Your projects should reflect you. That's what people gravitate towards. You, your brand, and experience.  

@MDCBiz: 100% my own desire

Q3: What fears led you not to conquer your 2013 goals?

SoFlo: Does anyone have any recommendations on how to get over these fears?

@DekisheaG:  Fear of rejection and fear of not knowing

@TamaraNYC: the fear of extra work on top of what I already have to do plus not really knowing where to place priority.

@DonnetB: Fear can hold you back. I push pass fear and those thoughts. Replace them with positive thoughts and affirmations.  

Q4a: What is one particular goal you'd you like to achieve in 2014?

Q4b: Do you realistically have the resources to achieve your goal?

@DekisheaG: (1a) to live the life I want on my own terms! Not worry about what others THINK I should do.

@Karenmarievee: Better & more consistent work/cash flow.  

@DekisheaG: (1b) Yes I do! It's not about what I don't have it's about what I do have.  

SoFlo: Make time.

SoFlo: Try to find free resources, barter.

SoFlo: Get a support group like @SoFloBrunch!

Q5: What steps will you take to conquer goal(s) in 2014?

@ArielleQ4: The key in 2014 is organization, put goals in a highly visible space, & follow through. Weekly, Quarterly & Monthly goals

@DonnetB: How to conquer fears? Set Goals. Make Action. Reach Your Goals. And Repeat!!  

SoFlo: Make smaller attainable goals. Don't be ashamed to simplify your goals. Research shows that some goals fail because they are not written down.

Q6: Are your goals written down where you can see them daily?

@Bella_North: I never did before, but I'm going to do so for 2014. Seeing them daily will be such an inspiration

@DonnetB: I've learned to break my goals down in different notebooks! SoFlo Brunch has a notebook, Nu Glo, etc.  

@DonnetB:  I allot a chunk of time for each notebook.When working on SoFlo Brunch, I use that notebook & tackle the goals the from that list only. After a session, I take up another notebook and tackle those tasks.

SoFlo: Awesome @skillshare class! Get Things Done Like A Boss http://bit.ly/1b6AICo

Q7: Do you have a support system to help you reach these goals?

@ArielleQ4: I'm thankful for my support system. Very diverse opinions. Would like to build more like minded relationships though.

@DekisheaG: Yes. The group.

SoFlo: Having your dream team of positive people is essential to your growth.

SoFlo: Have a support group (like us at @soflobrunch)!

SoFlo: Make your goal a reality by publicly declaring your goal. This will make you accountable.

SoFlo: Here is a great biz plan book from @karengunton at build a little biz! http://bit.ly/IMAWIx  

SoFlo: To stay inspired check out @gohometoroost Roost Tribe membership. Great for creatives! http://bit.ly/1bG23v9

Q8: What is a motivating word or quote that drive your productivity? Declare your goals!

@DonnetB: My quote is “Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another steppingstone to GREATNESS."

@DekisheaG: It's always impossible until it's done. -Nelson Mandela

@inspiratioNergy: Day by day in everyday with the help of God, I'm getting better and better and better ...repeat.   

@urdirtylaundry: My 2014 quote is JUST BEGIN!  

SoFlo: Set positive intentions, fearlessly act, and manifest.

SoFlo: Fearless Bound 2014!

SoFlo: Be Brave. "Decide that you want it more than you are afraid of it." -- Bill Cosby

SoFlo: DO IT! image via http://bit.ly/1cJmbBc

SoFlo: Get out of your own way! image via @ashleyjoi

• Create a vision board
• Clean up your desk space and computer
• Read old journal entries from this year
• Meditate daily
• Surround yourself with positive peers. Keep the people close that support and believe in your visions.

SoFlo Brunch wants to wish you a Fearless & Prosperous New Year! Cheers!!!

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Congrats to fab_twiggy for winning the SoFlo Brunch Fearless Bound 2014 Kit!

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Be sure to have your goals visible to motivate you daily. Have a great 2014!

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